Bike Fit

We offer 2 different types of bike set up here at Bike Logic:

  • a mini set up which involves taking the crucial measurements
  • a full bike fit is a more in-depth assessment which involves an informal consultation with the client.

A comprehensive bike fit to find the right size bike is useful for every cyclist. Whatever your discipline, cycling level or targets, your position on the bike is absolutely crucial for cycling comfort, enjoyment and performance.

Mini Bike Fit (£35)

This involves taking crucial measurements shown in a series of pictures and recorded.

Data is then collected and fed into a computer program which systematically calculates your optimal riding position – whatever type of cycling you do.

You are then given a print out of the results to take away and keep for future reference along with any advice and guidance given.

Full Bike Fit (£70)

A full bike fit is a more in-depth assessment which involves an informal consultation with the client to record as much information possible.

The measurements are then fed into the computer and the results printed off and explained fully to the client before trying out the results on the bike jig.

After this process is complete and the client is happy with the final results, we then offer a bike setting service and the opportunity to finally try these out on our turbo trainer reality training programme.

Getting it Right…

A badly fitted bike and incorrect riding position will have a detrimental effect on you as a rider no matter what your level or experience.

An accurate bike fitting can only be achieved with the correct tools and expert knowledge (e.g. trying to draw a circle accurately without the correct equipment can be frustrating! – similarly trying to set up your bike to achieve your best riding position and performance is a skilled task requiring specialist equipment).

Having a professional bike fit will be the first step in improving your cycling performance

  • increasing your power
  • improving your comfort
  • reduce the risk of injuries
  • achieving faster results
  • making you a more responsive and well balanced rider.